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Health Coaching

 Our team are trained health care professionals who embody our mission of enhancing patient wellness through simplifying their prescribed care. We motivate, inspire and educate our patients to empower them to take responsibility for their health care, treatment and maintain their wellness.

Linking & Coordinating of Health Care Services

Our team works with individuals and health organizations to insure we fill the gap. Often times the best outcomes are achieved by linking the right patient to the right health care services. Our assessment service allow us to connect and direct them to the most fitting physician, specialist, home health care, patient education, health care system and even HMO!

Health Care Case Management

We provide coordination of services through assessing patients individual needs in order to help navigate their health care and treatment landscape. Sometimes patients need a little advocacy or encouragement in the right direction to meet the goals of their prescribed treatment,

Medication Education and Management

Diagnosis and Treatment Education

Our services are individualized to meet the specific need of the client, their family and care giver.

Along with Diagnosis and Treatment, we help to simplify medication management.

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